Beach Conversations.

She went away fully aware that whatever this date was about, her therapist would be glad to know that she is secretly an enabler of confusing people who keep coming back, after many years.

Sometimes they come back to confuse her, other times they help her find herself. And finally, perhaps, this could be a starting point of their therapy sessions.

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Let’s talk, age 22-30.

There’s also pressure from parents and the society for you to get married. What they don’t understand is this stage is as crucial as it comes. For instance, I now understand that marriage and someone getting a baby is not the same thing. You may get a baby before marriage with someone then realize this is not someone you will get married to. The dynamics again. And there are those that get married then have babies. Both instances are fine because people have personal reasons as to why they do the things they do.

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Local Flying in times of Covid.

One last thing I couldn’t take a picture of, guess what happened? I went to the airplanes washroom for the first time in my life. I’ve always been so scared of movements in airplanes – they don’t sit right with me. After watching a few movies where the main character goes to the washroom then something starts to happen without their knowledge, my mind blocked the idea of making movements in an airplane. But this time round, I stayed for 2 whole minutes.

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