Character Development – Job searching Version.

One day it gets to you that perhaps you need to change jobs. It’s almost like an itch that doesn’t go away. You’ve been doing well at your job, but you feel like it’s time for growth. A change. A new challenge. You also want to assist your parents with the financial burden of raising your smaller siblings, you know, the black tax that never quite goes away. Plus, you are still young and even though you have one part time job that adds to your income, you think you could grow more if you focus on one area for a while. You also know you have the ability to achieve more since you’ve gathered enough experience and you have also been working on yourself. The timing feels right.

What do you do? You start by asking yourself what it is that is already in your hands. You know, like Moses in the Bible who was asked by God to use what is in his hands when he went to meet the enemy – in which the stick he was holding was later turned to a snake. But since you are scared of snakes, you do not pray for that kind of miracle, you tell God that you want to do a short certification course that’s in line with what you are doing, so that you may add some knowledge and of course, to update yourself. All things need some spicing up from time to time. You put that dream in His hands and it comes to fruition.

With your new Certificate, you start applying for jobs here and there and you realize that Yes, you’ve been sending emails for months but responses are not coming through. You check the spam folder – NOTHING.

What do you do? It must be the CV. You pay a professional career coach to pimp your CV. It comes back after a week. After parting with your 3,000Ksh for the work done on your CV, coupled with how good, brief and intense it looks, you are convinced that this is a sure bet. You polish the Cover Letter too.

You start applying for jobs afresh. True to your thoughts, finally the odds are in your favour and you get shortlisted for an interview in a company that you are interested in. Perfect. You prepare very well for the interview. Infact, after the interview you are convinced that this was the only interview you’ve been fully prepared for in terms of looking through the job roles, researching for the company and practising for the questions.

They promise to get back within a week but they don’t. You call and text to ask about the progress but nothing comes back. Heck, you even want to WhatsApp them but you preserve the little pride you still have plus it goes without saying, chances are they would have ‘blue ticked’ you.

After a while you go to a few Interviews and the process is almost the same as the first one.

Like any normal human being, you start wondering whether it’s something to do with how you present yourself. But you have worked on yourself so much to not notice when you are having an attitude problem.

What this season teaches you is that you shouldn’t attach feelings to those emails that you send. You will eventually learn that, but after a long period of your heart getting hurt. Long periods of checking Spam messages. And the waiting period is hard. Very hard. The good thing is you will continue getting experience, and there is no wasted experience. All along you will have gathered good skills that will eventually land you a job which needed your exact specifications. Make sure that during your waiting season, you are improving on your weaknesses and working on your strengths. I understand some people will tell you to think of venturing into self-employment but sometimes being employed also helps to shape you for entrepreneurship and it’s you alone who knows how your journey is like.

In this whole confusion and feeling lost is where you get to know other abilities which you never thought you had. Other people will open You-tube channels. Others will start online marketing. Something will pop up eventually. An email will be replied to. You will pass an interview. You will get the job. You will make a lot of networks too. But even if none of this happens, you will find yourself and what works for you. The delay always makes sense. Always.

And, always remember to thank God for all the other blessings that he has given you. Sometimes the win is simply in being able to sustain yourself.

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Wakio Neema
Wakio Neema
1 year ago

The delay always makes sense💯

Elinora Maghanga
1 year ago

Wow! This is me, it’s like you were in me and wrote it all down😆. Thank you for the reminder, am blessed.

Jezreel Nyange
Jezreel Nyange
1 year ago

True “always remember to thank God for all the other blessings that he has given you” and always have some little faith.

Alvin N.
Alvin N.
1 year ago

Good read.
Indeed the delay will eventually make sense.
There is no wasted experience 👌🏾